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Our Founder

Eric Canale is an accredited nutrition & health coach and a certified personal trainer who is passionate about motivating and helping people to achieve their goals in life.

Eric created Momentum Nutrifit as a vehicle to guide, empower and educate individuals so that they can be at their best and feel their best. 

Eric has played competitive sports and been active in strength training since he was a teenager. A robust career in corporate real estate which involved frequent long distance travel and late night global virtual meetings, led Eric to want to understand the foundations and drivers to maintain good health under challenging circumstances. This drove his ultimate desire to help others understand the key role nutrition plays to properly support both body and mind.

Eric has a Diploma in Professional Nutrition & Health Coaching from the International Institute of Nutrition & Health (Europe) and is a Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association (North America). 

In his previous career, Eric was involved in the design and operation of many workplaces in Asia, North America, and Europe and has a deep understanding of the impact of health and wellness at work.

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